Essex Events Company Saves You Money

Essex Events Company Saves You Money

Save money on your venue choice!

The point of this blog is to save you some money and to give you some wedding industry insights that you may or may not have really thought about!

Wedding venues of all sizes are competing for you, to them, you are simply a client, a way to make some cash to keep them going. You need them and they need you. But what’s the best way to get them without having to fork out full price and what are some things that a lot of them don’t want you to know about? Wedding venues no matter who they are they’re all competing for getting the date locked in and that’s a good thing, for you.

Wedding Venue Secrets:

Most wedding venues will either have one of two things, preferred suppliers or suppliers that you have to use.

Preferred suppliers; These wedding venues do not require that you use select suppliers and that’s wonderful for you. They might have some that they enjoy working with or prefer to work with, although you don’t have to use them. We would recommend that you stick with wedding venues like these if at all possible if you don’t want to pay higher prices.

Must use suppliers; Now these are a bit different. They are venues that will put into their contract the suppliers that you have to use no matter what. Sometimes they can include catering, chair covers, florist etc, and a lot of times these can charge a lot more for their services simply because you are locked into that venue.

Now please don’t think that I feel all wedding venues are bad, actually most are great at what they do. We’re here to help save you money, not give venues a bad name! When it comes to wedding venues, thinking outside the box is the best way to get the best outcome for your day, we have some fab ones we totally recommend – Quendon Hall (Parklands), The Fennes, Pontlands Park Hotel, Best Western Ivy Hill Hotel (photo), High Barn in Bardfield, Ashwells in Brentwood, The Hunters Meet in Hatfield Heath, Colchester Town Hall and for the ideal wedding spot abroad go for Sumaridge Estate in South Africa – voted amongst the top most romantic places to get married in SA!

Timing is Everything; venues want you to hire them instead of the other venue down the road and timing is everything, most places  have a wedding season, it usually means that there are times of the year where wedding venues and suppliers in general are not busy. This usually occurs in November and runs until March or so depending on where you are located and getting married.

Seasons save money; Believe it or not, getting married on those off season months can actually cut your venue bill by 10-25%, and just 10% of couples will get married during this off season, they are all saving money on the same venue that you’re getting married at, so why not take advantage of those savings?  Another thing to consider is the day of the week, according to a recent survey 67% brides will get married on the most popular wedding day, Saturday.  10% of those brides will get married on a Sunday and they too will save a bit of money but more on things like catering and flowers, not so much the venue, we recommend getting married on a Monday-Thursday, findings over the years have shown that getting married on those off days can save you up to 30% of the wedding venue costs – well worth considering!

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