Unique Ways To Incorporate Flowers Into Your Wedding

Unique Ways To Incorporate Flowers Into Your Wedding

Flowers at a wedding is usually a “must” for most Brides. From bouquets and boutonnieres, to flower petals down the aisle at the ceremony, and the artistic floral creation for table centrepieces; flowers are a key component of any wedding. They bring in extra colour, texture, beauty and all at the same time, feeling to your special day.

If you fancy taking a step away from the traditional way of using flowers at your wedding and want to use them in an interesting and quirky way, then below we have listed examples of ways flowers have been used creatively, to make your wedding stand out and extra special;


Petal Confetti Holders

If you’re wanting a little extra ‘wow’, ditch that rice or paper confetti and replace with flower petals! When using petals, you add a romantic elegance, and that is a good recipe for some great pictures. Also, a lot of venues and especially Churches have banned the use of traditional confetti, so using flowers is a beautiful alternative.


Flowers on the Cake

You can now get edible flowers to accessorise your wedding cake. These types of flowers do not carry pesticides or any harmful bacteria that could contaminate the cake. They are a perfect way to create a natural and beautiful wedding cake.

flowers 3

An Easy Flower DIY Detail

Firstly, making it yourself, is not only going to significantly reduce your expense, but it will also give you a style that no other wedding will have, your style will be unique and individual to your wedding as it’s something you and your wedding team will have created between yourselves!

flowers 4

Flower Filled Vintage Crockery

For high tea use, or say a Alice In Wonderland Theme, vintage flowery teacups filled with flowers are sure to stand out. Tea roses are a perfect choice.

flowers 5

Light Bulb Flower Vases

These adorable DIY light bulb vases are sure to turn heads. But if you’re not convinced, glam it up by wrapping the top in small twine, and adding some glitter in the water for some extra eye catching sparkle.

flowers 6

During Cocktail Hour

Using flowers in a cocktail reception is a brilliant quirky way to bring flowers into your wedding. It’s perfect for a drinks reception outside. Make a statement and use one of your favourite flowers in your signature drink!

flowers 7


With so many options it’s almost impossible not to get creative with these beautiful flowers. These are just a few ideas to use, but there are plenty of unique ways to bring flowers into your wedding.

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