What To Do When You Are Having Doubts About Your Dress.

What To Do When You Are Having Doubts About Your Dress.

It happens to the best of us. You pick the perfect dress, you may cry happy tears, pose for photos, and go out to toast your big decision. But then days (maybe even hours) later, indecision sets in: Did I make the right decision? How will I know I will still love this dress in 6, 8, 12 months? What did I do?

Not to worry, calm down. Don’t let yourself get into panic mode and start stressing. Remember you chose the dress for a reason. It is a big decision selecting your dress, as you’ve probably dreamed of that moment your whole life, so of course you might have doubts. So here are some tips to help calm your indecision and ensure you made the right decision.

Don’t Base Your Decision On The Photos- You or whoever accompanied you may have taken photos of you in the gown you chose at the shop. Do not overanalyse those. Those photos are not professional photographs, like you will have on your big day. Remember that mobile phone cameras and shop lighting do not do any gowns justice, and how you felt in the gown and how the dress looked at the time are truly what matters most.

Relax- Through your life you go through significant decisions, which most people second-guess, including job changes, moving, marriages, etc. So having second thoughts about your wedding dress is natural. Your dress is undoubtedly the biggest wardrobe decision you’ll ever have to make. The chances that you chose a dress that wasn’t perfect for you are slim to none, considering you were with those closest to you and in the hands of bridal professionals.

Go Back And Try It On Again- Call the bridal shop if you’re truly having second thoughts. They are quite experienced with brides in similar predicaments. You can make an appointment to return to the store and try it on again. Our advice: Do this on your own. Spend some time in the dress without the opinions of others and just focus on how it makes you feel. You’ll likely realize you had nothing to worry about and you’re still in love with your choice. If not, then you can discuss your options with the bridal shop.

Stop Looking- Once your dress is ordered and processed there’s no going back, so stop looking! New collections come out each season, so if seeing the new options and styles makes you regret or second-guess your decision, stop! Do not look on Pinterest or Instagram at new dresses, unsubscribe from bridal-shop emails, don’t even think about looking in a wedding dress shop. Focus more on what’s next in your wedding, what else can you tick off the list. Before you know it, it’s your wedding day and you get to wear your beautiful, perfect dress.


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