What To Do When Your Maid Of Honour Is Not Helping

What To Do When Your Maid Of Honour Is Not Helping

What To Do When Your Maid Of Honour Is Not Helping.

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You have chosen your Maid Of Honour for a reason, she could be your best friend, an old family friend or your sister. Whoever she is, you chose her because she is special to you and you feel that you can trust her with anything.  She’s your go-to girl and the person who is supposed to stand by your side before you say “I do,” through late night phone chats and great debates. The only problem is she has stopped helping. She doesn’t answer your emails, your phone calls or messages and then all of sudden, she’s totally and completely out the picture.

It happens, Wedding stress can become too much and even your number one girl, can start to feel it and slowly tip toe in the opposite direction. Here’s what to do when you sense that starting to happen.

Step 1: Call Her Up and See If She Is OK!

If you start to see she’s ignoring you or suddenly growing very blasé over your wedding planning,  give her a ring and see what’s going on and if she doesn’t answer leave her a loving message. Maybe she has something happening in her personal life that’s occupying her time and emotional capacity. Before you assume she’s just not that into your Wedding anymore, reach out to her directly to get a sense of what’s going on.

 Step 2: Take One Of Her Duties Away

Perhaps you’ve overloaded her with too many responsibilities and she doesn’t know where to get started, so she just has decided not to start at all. Let her know that you have someone else who has offered to help as well, then they can deal with the Hen Do or booking a reservation for the wedding party to get their nails done.

 Step 3: Delegate Tasks to Other Bridesmaids

If there are urgent things that need to get taken care of and she’s nowhere to be found, don’t exhaust yourself over trying to find her and drag her back in to the wedding craziness. Instead, reach out to your other bridesmaids and see who is available to help instead. Often, bridesmaids are eager to help, but they just don’t know what the bride needs their help with. Or if you don’t have other Bridesmaids ask your Mum or Mum to be.

 Step 4: Ask Her if She Still Wants to Be Your Maid Of Honour

Sometimes, the excitement of being asked to be a Maid Of Honour can “rose tint” the actual mind-set of the types of responsibilities that come along with it. If she’s not helping or is disinterested, ask her if she’d like to still take on the job. If not, tell her you’re more than okay with just having her as a bridesmaid — and of course, as your good friend.

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